Hey there, I’m Mollycules, the creator of Buddha Doodles. As a spunky cartoonist with an appreciation for spirituality, this is my way of being of service daily!

‘Buddha Doodles’ started in 2011 as a daily sketch practice for personal therapy. It quickly 'went viral' in social media and appears regularly on the Huffington Post and Tiny Buddha.com.

After hundreds of fans expressed wanting to have Buddha Doodles "merch", I opened this online gift shop in the spring of 2013! I now offer prints, gratitude journals, cotton blankets, e-courses, and have a growing team that assists me with all sorts of odds and ends!

I've loved to draw since I was a little girl. In fact, when I was in eighth grade, I wrote a letter to my 'adult self' that said, 'You better still be cartooning!' Since 2007, I've published six books, created thousands of cartoons, exhibited at countless conventions, traveled from coast to coast with my work, and have grown an online community of over 100,000 fans worldwide.

When I'm not at the drawing table, I love to run, dance Zumba, cook delicious meals with my beloved, make funny hats, or hang out with my guinea pig and two kittens, Bisquit and Basho! To get in contact with me or my team, send us an email at lovingsupport@buddhadoodles.com




The Loving Support Team: AJ MCK 

AJ believes in the power of visual art to heal emotional wounds, overcome obstacles, and bring hope to all who struggle with the natural ebb and flow of life (so basically, all of us!)

Living by the mantra "Never give up" taught AJ to be all that she can be and to ignite her inner flame. Now she shares in that light with the Buddha Doodles team as a multi-passionate virtual assistant.

You'll often find her soaking up loving support emails or printing out and mailing Molly's fine creations to Buddha Doodles supporters around the world!

AJ first "met" Buddha Doodles on Tumblr in 2012. Inspired by Molly's illustrations, she sought to reach out to comic artists and illustrators around the world, including Molly!

After taking Molly's "How to Draw a Buddha Doodle" course in 2013, AJ was hooked! She dove straight into her dreams, enrolled in the Unstarving Artist Academy, and soon a working relationship developed naturally between the two as AJ's many years in college provided useful note taking and copywriting skills for the growing program.

From fan to student to assistant, it's been a beautiful ride! Outside of Buddha Doodles, AJ prefers to live a pretty quiet life, enjoying tea out on her balcony, and snuggling with or instagramming her two cats and husband, and taking time for her own budding creative practice. She loves video games, nature documentaries, and rainbows.










Product Photography in Slideshow by Mariana Schulze.