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I noticed that you deleted your posts from Instagram and Facebook, what happened?

As some of you may be aware Creatives like myself are having some issues with Facebooks policies around ownership of our artwork and also them actively preventing posts from reaching the Buddha Doodles audience. Now that Facebook owns Instagram, I am taking steps to change the way I use both platforms.

Last summer Facebook personally invited me to beta test their new Fan Subscription service. I was delighted that they asked me and knew that it could be an easy and fun way for my community to support Buddha Doodles!

At the end of the beta test, Facebook changed their Fan Subscription policies. Not only are they taking 30% of what I earn, they also changed they Intellectual Property license terms to: “non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use” creators’ content and “This license survives even if you stop using Fan Subscriptions.”

Highlight that last sentence in bold.

Facebook Fan Subscriptions is not a safe place for me to post my precious original art work and therefore I am shutting my Supporter page down.

The policies have changed drastically on Facebook in a number of ways since I first started sharing the Buddha Doodles on the platform in 2012. I worked extremely hard to build an organic fan base of over 375k fans and in order to reach even just a small percentage of that audience, I must pay Facebook up to thousands of dollars. The same is true now for reaching my Instagram audience.

I am therefore investing more in my own webspace moving forward to can ensure people can receive the doodle going forwards. 

The only way I believe I can continue to provide a reliable contact to you is via subscribing to the free daily doodle over email here at The Website and email are the only channels that keep my intellectual property protected and won't prevent the Daily Doodle from reaching you, my audience.

It will seem more complicated right now but in future you don't need to go to Facebook or Instagram to receive the daily doodle. 

Or sign up to receive it in your email directly: 

This is not about monetization and social media is still important and not going away soon, So I will continue to share some posts on Instagram and Facebook, but in a new way that protects my IP.

Thank you for all your love and support, the daily doodle is still free and all this is also so i can continue to deliver these mindful messages to you.

Is it still okay if we share your content on Facebook and other social media, or will that mess with your intellectual property rights as well?

Actually, when you post something on facebook or other social media site you are declaring that YOU as the poster own the intellectual property rights to the image and therefore the rights to post it. AND in doing so you transfer those rights to them to do as they please with it. If the IP owner has NOT granted those rights to you, you have declared in your usage agreements (whether you read them or not) that the IP owner cannot Sue facebook for that breach as it was you not them that breached IP, of course they have to cease and desist once you have made them aware the IP rights were in fact yours. 

Basically yes it messes with IP rights and the best thing to do would be to post a link to the Blog entry on the website 

Share the link not the art directly is always the best option to protect the owners rights. 

I am not blaming anyone, especially since most people don't know the right or correct thing to do, and I haven't informed people either before now. I'm still learning too and I've been on here since the beginning. Its never too late to do the right thing so here we go :) 


In 2011 I developed the daily Buddha Doodles meditative sketch practice to help cope with PTSD and sensory processing issues (ASD). 

Buddha Doodles are light in heart but deep in intent and greatly helped in my healing process. I am so grateful that daily doodles continue to help others, all over the world.




  • Hi Molly,
    I’m disheartened to learn this, but I support your approaches to sharing and showcasing your beautiful creative artwork. You inspire me. I suffer from PTSD and my little boy is on the ASD and he has SPD. I’m a creative holistic mystic writer artist and I want to build my blog and subscriber mailing list and I can learn a lot from you. I’m a little confused. I found you on Twitter, but it looks like 1 is an old account and you don’t tweet there any more and it shows you are in Santa Barbara, but the newer more current account shows you in Denmark. I’d love to stay in touch and communicate with you. Which is best for you, social media, email, or? Thank you for all you do. Peace Love

    Dayna Colvin on

  • Ty❤️I wish you well🙏
    Love all the peace and happiness you shared with all!

    Margaret McDevitt on

  • Hello, I followed the mailchi link and it tells me my email is not vaild. I wrote a earlier post, I am still interested in getting the daily doodle. Blessings Be 🌟 🌈 💖 😘 💖 💥 Laurel

    laurel on

  • I love your work! It’s brought me a lot of joy. A practical question, I was having a monthly fee sent to you through the fan subscription on Facebook. Has that been cancelled? My next payment is due for April 2. Please advise. Thank you.

    Jane on

  • Thank You for sharing the reasons for the changes you have made!
    The moment I saw your post I knew I needed to know why! Because it does impact me, my following you and how I choose to go forward with posts!
    Thank You for shunting the light on what I was unaware of!!!
    Appreciating You!

    Jen on

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