Today's Doodle: Cultivate Compassion

Posted by Molly Hahn on

I've been taking time to reflect on the last seven years of doodles.

A lot of you know now that I am changing the way I use social media in response to Facebook and Instagram policies that are preventing me from reaching my entire audience, in addition to the last minute switch Facebook pulled regarding ownership of my content through the Facebook Subscriptions Platform.

I made a decision, from a place of love, to remove my original artwork from both platforms in order to protect my intellectual property moving forward. I am investing in my own webspace where I will continue post doodles right here on (and you can get them by subscribing to my email list!).

When I counted how many images I had posted on Instagram, it was over 2,500! Most of those were original doodles dating back to 2013 (I started the daily Buddha Doodles in 2011 and posted it on Tumblr and my email list). 

That’s a lot of images.

To honor these past seven years, I’m creating a scrapbook of the doodles and will be posting these moments of doodle reflection so that we can celebrate together.

It can be easy to lose sight of how far we’ve come. It’s wonderful to stop and see how the dots connect backward! 

Cultivating compassion via a daily sketch practice is one of the ways that I have been able to offer my own wounds healing medicine. Creativity has been a key tool in helping to cope with PTSD and process sensory issues.

Thank you for walking with me. My mission is to continue to add love to the world, one doodle at a time.




  • Hello, I have tried to get on your daily doodle list, but when I push the get on the daily list it this pot it keeps telling me that my email address is not valid. It is the same email address I have used it this comment. I hope this gets me on your daily doodle. I have recently been introduced to your work and find it delightful and insightful. I also was looking to get your round cards that come in a box like my friend has but could not find it. Any suggestions on how to get them. Thank you for sharing your talents and your journey, Blessings Be 🌟 🌈 💖 Laurel Nesbitt

    laurel on

  • I love your art and your persona….may universe sent you lots of love and peace and all your dreams come true😍

    Pranshu on

  • From Lisbon, Portugal. Thanks so much for your lovely and beautiful and encouraging thoughts and drawings. ❤️🤗🙏

    Carla Pedroso on

  • I love ur creations! It inspires me everyday! Can I still share it?please? Thank you

    Tere on

  • I don’t often do these things, but, here goes… I just LOVE your work. It makes me so happy. My heart just swells <3 I’m sorry you’ve experienced ugliness but am so glad it resulted in Buddhadoodles – it’s a beautiful gift :-)

    Shannon on

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