Today's Doodle: Give Yourself Room to Bloom

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You deserve to bloom.

When I was 24, I ended up moving back to the town I went to college at after a year of living in LA. I had been working as a production assistant on one project and programming coordinator on another and wanted so badly to “make it” and every decision I made revolved around this thinking. I lost my grounding and had a breakdown due to all the stress I was choosing to put myself through, plus the overwhelm of living in a city for the first time.

It was so hard to walk away from that part of my career track, and I used to be so harsh with myself for the fall I took, but coming back to Santa Barbara to reground and rebuild my health was one of the best decisions I ever made. I got a job as a waitress for a few years, went back to therapy, and started my daily sketch practice while exhibiting my self-published books and illustration prints at events like the San Diego comic con. I also organized art shows and book signing events in Santa Barbara! Incubating my work there was a key piece in building my confidence to radiate outward, take more risks and reach for the stars, but from a place of love, heart, and soul. 
Leaning towards the light, taking time to grow strong. Blooming in your own loving time.

One thing lead to another, and five years after that fall, Buddha Doodles was born!

You deserve the room to bloom.

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  • Thank you! I have been having a mini breakdown for the last 2 days where I fought with everyone who spoke to me, bunked work and just lay in bed all day long. I needed this today. I know breakdowns are eventually good and everything but seeing them in a positive light was difficult while I was having one. I feel much better now. Thanks again little Mollycule!

    With love

    Akanksha on

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