Today's Doodle: Let Go

Posted by Molly Hahn on

I was full of anxiety at the airport when I drew this last year. I am pre-disposed to rumination, and I found myself caught on multiple negative thoughts, culminating into a near panic attack while on my way to board my plane back home.

I took out my iPad for some art therapy and found myself a little nook to create this doodle. This image came to mind after I had cleared security and was walking towards my gate. I imagined each negative thought as a balloon, a visual reference for my mind to have the courage to let go of the negative rumination.

I want to be crystal clear that I am not condoning pollution via releasing balloons in the air. This was a doodle I did for art therapy to soothe my at times, obsessive-compulsive mind. It is a visual metaphor.

Each balloon represents a negative thought. I painted the image quickly with little time before I got on my plane. What I imagined in my mind’s eye flooded through my hand and onto the digital canvas. The process of creating this painting soothed my mind and nervous system. I had a new mental anchor to carry me through the next 24 or so hours of travel from Denmark back home.

Creativity to a powerful tool. What do you do to help ease ruminating thoughts?

Love, Mollycules

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  • So very cute! And a powerful metaphor we also use in FasterEFT style of Tapping, which rewires the brain. That’s a process I use to not just deal with anxiety and other thoughts that stir up uncomfortable emotions and memories… this clears them at the core. It’s very powerful and puts you in charge of your emotional processing. I hope it’s taught in schools soon. We’d see a happier, healthier society as well as much less violence and self harm.

    Lynn on

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