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A Mindfulness Lesson

A Mindfulness Lesson

I thought you might like a little update on how the animated short is coming along!

Yesterday I delivered a big scene to Jule, the lead animator on the Ooty and Zed origin story.  It's the largest scene I've ever delivered in one go, a whole minute long! 

After this scene is animated, there are 10 shots left to animate with Ooty and Zed and 4 shots to clean/color with Ariana.

Meanwhile, Ross, Lili, and I are working together to finish backgrounds for the shots with Ariana. 

I thought you might like to see some behind-the-scenes of what we do when we work together and how we get things done working as a virtual team, so I'm including the notes, script, latest animatic, and a few characters I rigged/posed, for the long scene that I just delivered to Jule:

- - -

"The shots looks GREAT at first glance. No major changes at this point, we will see how scene 19 looks in the final edit.

I've been chipping away at the next scene. It's a big one, one minute long.

Zed gives Ooty his first mindfulness lesson.

All of the assets are uploaded to google drive - including an updated animatic.

Below is the updated script, some minor variations/updates on what zed says than what I wrote in the animatic.

Let me know if you have any questions. You're doing amazing work, such a treat to always see each shot come to life!


Peace Tree Meditation Lesson

prayer flags flutter slightly throughout

When Zed isn’t talking and meditating, you can see the slight motion of him breathing as he meditates and focuses on breath.

Zed takes a deep a slow breath (eyes closed) while Ooty stares at the prayer flags fluttering in the wind

Zed opens eyes, looks over at Ooty, who is still looking at the flags

Zed says “Let’s start our first mindfulness lesson”

Ooty turns back to listen and then walks over to Zed, plops down on his mat.

Zed places one hand on belly, the other on heart, and takes another deep breath

Ooty watches and starts to look a little sleepy

Zed says, “Observe the rise and fall of your belly.” Ooty is getting very tired

Zed breathes deep and slow again. Ooty tips back because he is totally asleep. Flops on ground

Zed says, “Feel the air go in and out of your nose.” Ooty is snoring loud, trunk filling with air (like in fireplace scene) and then releasing.

Once zed starts talking, he notices the snoring sound, and blinks eyes open, arms resting. Looks over at Oot, gets up, and shakes Ooty’s leg lightly. Ooty is startled and sits up.

Zed says, “It’s okay, we can try again” while Ooty shakes his head back and forth trying to wake up.

Zed sits back down, zed takes a deep breath again and closes his eyes.

Ooty mimics Zed, also take a breath, crosses legs like zed, but still has eyes open.

Camera: Zoom begins as Zed places on hand on his belly and then the other on his heart again, while he does each he says exactly what he’s doing, “Place one hand on your belly and one hand on your heart.” The zoom in on Zed begins while Ooty listens.

Zed relaxes and lowers his left arm while Ooty copies what Zed just said to do. Ooty places on arm on belly, one arm on heart.

Zed says “Feel your belly rise and fall with each breath.” Ooty closes his eyes while Zed says this.

Both Ooty and Zed are focusing on their breath and as the zoom continues until Ooty is out of sight, you can see the subtle movements of breathing for each of them."

- - -

Updated Animatic:



When the scene is animated, I will post it here :)

Here are some examples of character rigs for different poses:


Thank you for your patience and support. We are almost there! I'm am so grateful for being able to work with Courtney,  inkAnimation, Cephas, Jule, Ross, and Lili on this project. They are incredibly talented, kind, and easy people to work with!



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Molly's Production Journal

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