Mindful Drawing Info

Drawing can be an incredible act of self-care. It has the power to promote well-being and decrease stress and anxiety. That might sound a little wild because a lot of people struggle with the act of drawing itself. So many critical voices can pop up and steer us completely off course.

I've been there! And I can help you with navigating the self-critic, too. My approach to teaching drawing is not traditional. And it shouldn't be, I didn't go to art school.

What I teach is based on the methods that have worked for me and most importantly, my students. Last year, I quietly incubated my first three Mindful Drawing classes after Noah's encouragement. I was totally scared, but I'm so glad I took because many of students had creative breakthroughs.

My online-class is a safe place for people who are afraid to draw, have never drawn, or want brush up on their drawing skills. All you need is an internet connection, a laptop, or mobile device, to participate.

I also like to keep my classes SMALL and well...we're almost at capacity :) You can register right now at: http://bit.ly/MindfulDrawingWinter Class starts Jan. 24th. Here's how it's set up!

DAILY creative morning ritual prompts to help you start the new year off right!

THREE one-hour LIVE web classes that will be recorded if you can't make it. {EVERYTHING WILL BE RECORDED}

Jan. 24th - Live Class #1 @ 12PM - 1PM PST: Link to attend will be sent out Jan 22nd.

Jan. 31st - Live Class #2 @ 12PM - 1PM PST: Link to attend will be sent out Jan 29th.

Bonus Live Call Feb 7th @ 12PM - 1PM PST: Link to attend will be sent out Feb. 5th

TWO pre-recorded mindful drawing videos, available in the member's area.

ONE Bonus week of surprise materials :)

How it works:

When you purchase this course, you'll receive a link the week before the course starts with all of your login info.

You will not need to purchase any software!

Here are the recommended supplies for this class: **Regular pencils {2b will do} **A black sharpie {or similar} fine tip pen **Printer paper **A beginners pack of watercolor crayons {I prefer the NeoColor Watersoluable Pastels} **10 sheets of large multimedia art paper {I prefer the Canson 9''x12'' mixed media pad}

There are students from all over the world waiting to cheer you on as you explore your imagination and reconnect to that childlike curiosity! Come join the fun, I promise it won't be boring :)

Sign up at: http://bit.ly/MindfulDrawingWinter